Public Relations & Journalism:Two Facades of Same coin!

March 3, 2008 at 5:15 pm (Uncategorized)

That was the doom day when my mind’s creative juices surged for taking the decision from shifting my career from Jounalism to Public Relations. But the reactions i got from my near and dear ones was:

“Hey why are you joining Public Relations leaving journalism profession? You have to wander behind the journalists to make your stories to be done? Why are you going one step down in profession? and bla bla bla……

The people’s psyche made me surprise and that became my motive to experience at the other side of media and realize the passé of the profession. My sudden decision of entering the ‘yet to be discovered’ career of Public Relations became a challenge given’ by me to me.’

Mainstream media is indeed a very challenging job where we have a responsibility to provide the ‘FACT’ to the people who trust the authencity of this profession. I was taught in journalism classroom that media should talk about the ‘last person in the row’ and justify those people’s lives.I am very confident of my dear ones that they are fulfilling their jobs well. 🙂

With the cumulative ideas I shifted my lifeboat to the enchanting world of Public Relations.

Days passed and my exposure in Public Relations too (the term then mesmerized as Image Building in my mind!).The importance of showcasing the image of people among the masses itself is an undefined task where there is no certain theory to prove it. Public Relations is always considered par with marketing and advertising by many professionals including media bugs too! But one who goes deep down the line can understand the symbolic significance of developing an image and communicating a message to the community. Now I get the true viewpoint of Public Relations which is all about recognition and its elements captivate me to go beyond the rule book and search for something unique.

To design the portrait of the person who wants to flourish among the masses, is the most challenging work I have ever witnessed.These projections give the product or service its own personality and face and establish a association in the mind of people. Now I realized the significance of such an imperative career without which there will be always a dearth of exclusivity in the world. I get the immense satisfaction when people accept the things the way I tried to project them. The profession is not just bounded with client and self relation but to take the elite qualities out of the client and dice it to the world to make them a big brand and journalists are the medium to reciprocate it to the people.

After practicing both the facets of the coin, I am able to spliced the media and public relations together. Journalism preaches us to write for ‘last man in the row’ and Public Relations believe in ‘ perform ‘ in the public arena to promote the person or service which is in the last row and looking for its Image building. So both are trying to portray the similar picture to the society and have interrelated motive with each other.

All the previous myths about the Public Relations have been occupied with new notions . While making and altering the image and brand of my clients has also changed the perception within me!

The Great Marshall McLuhan said:


Public Relations is the MESSEGE and Journalism is the MEDIUM. Lets together spread it to the world and let them see the awaited media revolution of 21st century which McLuhan has forseen!


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